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Cheryl Rozovsky is a multipassionate entrepreneur who balances her time as a support worker, helping individuals living with mental health challenges, an artist and transformational healer at Soulful Interiors helping people clear their emotional clutter through forgiveness.


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    Thank you so much Cheryl. That was a truly beautiful session together. Afterwards all day I felt  lighter and more centered than I have in a long time.
    Much love to you!!!!!

    - Rachael Meisels

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    thank you for the session – I feel amazing and so congruent with my path. A big shout out for the gorgeous, generous and big hearted Cheryl Rozovsky. I have just come off a Soulful Interior Freedom Session – a beautiful release of old paradigms and facilitation of seeing the future me. I also met my guides and expanded my capacity to love and receive love. The ceremonies Cheryl took me through were an easy path to see my future self. The path is clearer now and is so very exciting. Cheryl is a special soul – I highly recommend this session. I am bouncing and so excited about the future. with love and resonance

    - Maria Davis

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    Let me just share with y’all that Cheryl’s forgiveness work changed the trajectory of my life. I was stuck in a place of despair and through her sessions, she allowed me to reach down deep (I’m talking subconscious here people!) and heal the wounds that were holding me back. I promise you it is life changing!

    - April Foy Habit

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    I have had the pleasure of working twice with Cheryl so far and I will definitely be back for more!  In the first process I visualised my future home. After having been “in limbo” for over a year now it felt great to really connect deeply to what I want from a home, and clear any limiting beliefs around that. Two weeks after we did a second process to go even deeper on limiting beliefs and the outcome was amazing! Cheryl’s work goes far beyond helping you create your dream space, it touches on all aspects of life. During the whole process I felt completely safe and wonderfully guided by Cheryl. Since I have worked with her I really feel the difference. Now I am certain that my dream home will come up soon and I am ready for it! I can also feel how much I have let go off, especially during the second session. I feel a lot lighter.

    I highly recommend Cheryl, she is an incredible energy worker, deeply compassionate and intuitive. She provides a sacred space for you to work in at your own pace.

    I can’t thank you enough for your help, Cheryl! It is a privilege to work with you!

    - Ruth Flanagan

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    Cheryl took me through a beautiful guided meditation. I had a horrible headache and was feeling really off that day. She offered to take me through this beautiful guided visualisation where I met one of my spirit guides who shared with me some key messages that I could take with me. It was so incredibly powerful filled with warmth and love just like her. She guided me and made me feel love throughout the meditation. I walked away feeling so good and my headache was completely gone. I could literally feel it move out of my head and through my body into the ground. This was so powerful and I am so grateful to Cheryl for her guidance and love.

    - Brigid Ward

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    Thanks again for our session today, it was magical and powerful for me.
     My greatest transformation was the deep connection with my “mentor” and my “future me”. It was easy and delightful to communicate with them through your words, I felt like I was actually transported to a different place, where everything was showing well-being.
     The session left me with a feeling of calmness and security. It gave me a clear message of “all-is-wellness”.
     Yes, I would like to do more sessions, because I enjoyed the feeling of connection with Source through your words and energy.
     I would hope to gain more practice into visualizing the connection with my inner guides, to enjoy that connection anytime.
    Thanks a lot!

    - Nathi

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    I felt as though I had been transported to another place, one of warmth and love.  Within a few minutes I didn’t want to leave! The session left me wanting more, to explore my inner self and thoughts on a much deeper level. I would definitely continue working with Cheryl to continue deep transformation through her guided journey work. I hope to gain the ability to go to that place of unconditional love and warmth on a regular basis to allow me to work and live true to my highest self.

    - Adrienne Sholzberg

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    Cheryl’s mediation can only be described as amazing!  I was out of alignment with myself before the meditation, and couldn’t feel much hope that meditating would make much of a difference. Right away though, when she mentioned the slide and the pool, I didn’t expect that and it was so fun!  Something so simple and innocent made it easy to let go and enjoy it. The imagery she provides makes it easy to achieve the feeling of letting go and then profoundlyh experiencing myself as I wanted to be and wanted to feel.  It was easy to get into these feelings in her meditation, something I’ve never experienced so quickly and easily in a meditation.  I love how fun it felt and the creativity made it exciting. I love the freedom I had during the meditation, to see my future self how I wanted, etc, which is a liberating experience for a guided meditation. I love the way I felt afterwards,  connected to my true self and feeling excited about me.

    Have a relaxing night! xox

    P.s. I also loved the way the fun aspect of the meditation made everything feel light and easy, which is freeing when sinew guided meditations feel serious

    - Danna Vincent

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    Cheryl’s meditation process is transformational. It allowed me to connect with my soul and reveal my purpose. Not only was the process relaxing, afterwards I was inspired, lit up from the healing. Highly recommended if you are wanting to connect with your true essence and create a deep shift.

    - Amanda Starr

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    I received a clarity session from Cheryl, which took me deep within myself and enabled me to connect to my inner truth and access wisdom on what to do next in the area I was seeking clarity. Cheryl held a safe space for me to challenge any limitations I was holding on to, and her guided visualisation and intuition helped me see clearly and also trust the messages that I received. I was guided to attend an upcoming workshop which was most enjoyable and helpful. The clarity session also made me realise I would benefit from extra support and within a week I was able to manifest free coaching from someone for the next 6 months only an hour from where I live. At my first coaching session the card I pulled was completely aligned with the clarity work I started with Cheryl. Thank you Cheryl for getting me back on track and reminding me of the importance to connect deeply with who I truly am. A magical session that I would recommend to anyone in need of a clarity boost.

    - Sara Sanderson