I had an amazing experience this week that made me realize how much the universe is working in my favour to align me with absolutely perfect people. This is the back story.

I have been offering ‘discovery’, or rather ‘clarity’ sessions to a select group of women with whom I felt called to work. It is an amazing group of women, and a few special men, and they all have their own ‘woo woo’ powers. During one of these sessions I ended up receiving more than I actually gave lol! I was given specific advice and recommendations to take a course called ‘The Heart of Money’ by Mark Silver. So, being the diligent woman that I am, I went to the website and signed up for the course.

There’s a LOT to do before the course begins (3.5 hrs min.) and one of the recommendations is that you partner with another student in the course to help you week to week with support. After you fill out the forms with your information, they will connect you with someone. It is broken down into time zones as there are people from all over the world participating in the course. Thus, I was partnered with a woman from California, which I thought was weird since I’m in Quebec ( 3 hours ahead) and I noticed that there were other students participating from Montreal. None the less I connected with my partner, trusting that I would be coupled with the perfect person. I connected with Emily this week, and when I checked out her website while I was chatting with her, my jaw nearly dropped. A) She’s spiritual (most people in the course are, I imagine as it is a Sufi’s approach to money) B) She’s an artist (like I am) C) She does personal organizing ( I’m an interiors architect by training, in case you didn’t know) and D) she is creating a course called ‘inside/outside’ which is about connecting spirituality and design! Hello!!! that’s what I do! What are the chances of this connection? A million to one? We both are developing programs to help people ( mostly women) clear their emotional clutter, raise their vibrations, and create a new physical reality, whether that be a new space that resonates with their new high vibe or a new wardrobe/hairstyle etc. It is designed to help you reclaim your power and shine in your brilliance.

The fact that we are both doing incredibly similar work is not completely surprising, although I had previously not met or heard of anyone doing this work. It is that the universe paired us up to meet via this course! All because my friend Wendy suggested it to me. All this is to say that the universe most definitely has a your back at ALL times!! You are being guided, gently nudged and in some cases specifically told where to go. All we really need to do, quite simply, is to slow down and to listen to our inner/outer guidance. Once again it comes back to TRUST, and this I know is a huge challenge for some of us, but trusting the guidance will lead us to our riches!

One last quick story about trust. Last fall, I felt the nudge to apply for a course and I truly had no clue how much it cost. I felt guided to fill out an application and I did. Long story short, I won a spot in that course! I still have no clue what the ‘price’ of the course was, but I do know that it was invaluable to me. So, if you get one thing out of this message, it is to open your heart and listen to its guidance.
courageously yours,