I’m writing today to share with you about an experience I had recently when my cousin, HeathCliff was in town visiting from Los Angeles. We were out for brunch at a large, busy and loud restaurant with his mom, my parents, and our aunt. The service was excellent and the food was quite good but what stood out to me was when my cousin stopped to compliment a beautiful waitress whose eye makeup was impeccable. She was young and gorgeous and had taken the time to look exceptional and he wanted her to know that. When he shared the compliment with her, you could see how she visibly became more confident and shared a large smile. It’s amazing how the positive energy of my cousin, who was able to see the beauty of the waitress and share it with her, then gave her a positive energy. It’s easy to see how this simple act can create a positive domino effect.

A few days later, I was in great spirits and he and his mom joined me in my neighbourhood for supper. For whatever reason I was feeling great and we shared some beautifully deep conversations as well as a great meal. Throughout the meal HeathCliff kept saying,’you inspire me’ with a huge grin on his face. Apparently my energy was contagious that night. It became the joke of the night, as I repeated back to him, no, YOU inspire me. We laughed as it went back and forth enjoying the great food, conversation and loving company.

Th next night, as luck would have it, we met again for dinner, this time with my mom, his mom and our aunt. For whatever reason my spirits were low. I can’t quite remember why, but sometimes I just get blue. He and I were seated across from each other and he noted how dark my eyes looked and that he could feel my depression. I tried to smile and be more upbeat but the energy wasn’t there. We ate our respective meals without exchanging much more conversation and lovingly parted ways at the end of the meal.

This morning, I had a fabulous deep conversation with my heart centred healer and we were talking about the effect of our energies on the people around us. Someone can be in an amazing mood and then when they meet with us, if we’re not feeling great, it can totally shift their energies to meet ours. This can work both ways, as I mentioned with the waitress as well as with my cousin. When your energy is high you can uplift others, like he did with his beautiful compliment, and like I did by simply being inspiring.

Being conscious of where you are energetically can make a huge difference in yours/others day. I sometimes wake up feeling ‘blue’ and I’m now committing to a new personal challenge to begin my day with my new heart centred meditation which will help me to get out of my head and connect with may heart, where source lies.

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