I watched a quick video this morning that inspired me to write this post. It talked about living ‘clean’ and the importance of letting go. To tell the truth I’m a purging junkie and I love letting go on a physical and emotional level throughout the year. The premise of the work that I do is about connecting your inside with your outside. Essentially your physical environment is a direct reflection of your inner environment. The more work you can do on ‘forgiveness’ and healing the past the healthier you are. Your space can become a direct reflection of this. So essentially the more uncluttered the space you live in the more health you are creating and visa versa.

Tip number one: Value what you have.
I’ve talked about this before with respect to loving everything that you own, and as well, it is important to appreciate whether something may have value in terms of its functionality or simply because it’s beautiful and it makes us feel good. Feeling good is the name of the game. Esther Hicks who channels Abraham has been quoted as saying ”

“When you focus on owning only things that you love and value every day, you are able to constantly let go of the things that no longer fit in with the life that you are living. When you are able to release emotional issues as well as the physical ‘things’, you consistently live a ‘light’ life and allow light to flow into your life. When you physically and emotionally hold onto ‘old stuff’, you can potentially be creating illness, which is the result of holding on to unresolved energy.”

Tip Number Two: Editing… it’s not just for writers 🙂
Editing is a critical task which must truthfully needs to take place on a regular basis. Even at the point of purchase you can ask yourself “Do I really need this right now? Is it going to help me in a valuable way? Do I absolutely LOVE it? or Will it bring me JOY regularly?” Surrounded yourself only with things that you need on a regular basis. Trust that what you need will show up when you need it.

Tip Number Three: Let Go of the Past
This is a big issue here. We tend to hold onto things thinking that ‘ I will need this someday’, Then it begins to take space in our home/life. Simply by allowing someone else the opportunity to use that item, you may be filling a need, so you can sell it or give it away. In so doing you are giving a gift by allowing that person to make use of that object when they need it. I love shopping at and giving things to thrift stores. I love the amazing ‘gifts’ that I find and I know that similarly others are enjoying the things that I have given away.

I have a vision board on my bedroom door that inspires me daily. Recently brought to my attention is the importance of embracing the present, knowing what I want to create in the future and letting go of the past. I had a picture of myself and my parents at my wedding ( I am now single and hoping to attract a new romantic partner into my life), next to a photo of my ideal couple. When a friend of mine saw this, she mentioned that I couldn’t attract the new relationship if I was still focusing on the past. ‘Interesting’, I thought. I was totally unaware of the implication. So, needless to say today I will edit my vision board, ever conscious of the fact that I want to stay focused on only items that bring me joy and inspire me daily.

Tip number Four: Like goes with Like
It sounds obvious, and sometimes the most obvious things are the most helpful. Remember to put all of your things that are alike together. Creating a specific place for all of your items helps you to locate them especially when you need them or think that you may have lost them. It can be more challenging when space is an issue, but this gives you even more of reason to pare down and become a minimalist. Recently, I decided to purchase a file sorter for my desk as I am surrounded by dozens of papers on a daily basis. Simply by having all of my files with different coloured project folders all organized in one space helps me to find what I need in an instant, saving me a great deal of time.

Tip Number Five: Double Down
No this is not poker and yet this is a high stakes tip. It’s time to take note of all of the items of which you have doubles and possibly even triples! I know that all of us are guilty of this one. We purchase new items to replace the old/broken ones and simply forget/neglect to give away/sell the old ones. Guess what? It’s time to set them free! Free yourself of space and possibly even add some cash to your wallet selling the old unwanted items.

So remember when you are going on your next shopping trip or even clearing out the clutter in your home:

1. Do I LOVE or VALUE this item?
2. Do I really NEED this item right now?
3. Can I let go of this item today?
4. Where does this go? Like goes with Like
and lastly,
5. Keep it Simple- Singles Only!

Have these 5 Quick Tips been of use to you today? Which one resonates with you the most?
What tips do you have that you want to share? Sharing is a great way to connect! I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section below.

Much Love,