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The Art of the Compliment

I’m writing today to share with you about an experience I had recently when my cousin, HeathCliff was in town visiting from Los Angeles. We were out for brunch at a large, busy and loud restaurant with his mom, my parents, and our aunt. The service was excellent and the food was quite good but what stood out to me was when my cousin stopped to compliment a beautiful waitress whose eye makeup was impeccable. She was young and gorgeous and had taken the time to look exceptional and he wanted her to know that. When he shared the compliment with her, you could see how she visibly became more confident and shared a large smile. It’s amazing how the positive energy of my cousin, who was able to see the beauty of the waitress and share it with her, then gave her a positive energy. It’s easy to see how this simple act can create a positive domino effect.

A few days later, I was in great spirits and he and his mom joined me in my neighbourhood for supper. For whatever reason I was feeling great and we shared some beautifully deep conversations as well as a great meal. Throughout the meal HeathCliff kept saying,’you inspire me’ with a huge grin on his face. Apparently my energy was contagious that night. It became the joke of the night, as I repeated back to him, no, YOU inspire me. We laughed as it went back and forth enjoying the great food, conversation and loving company.

Th next night, as luck would have it, we met again for dinner, this time with my mom, his mom and our aunt. For whatever reason my spirits were low. I can’t quite remember why, but sometimes I just get blue. He and I were seated across from each other and he noted how dark my eyes looked and that he could feel my depression. I tried to smile and be more upbeat but the energy wasn’t there. We ate our respective meals without exchanging much more conversation and lovingly parted ways at the end of the meal.

This morning, I had a fabulous deep conversation with my heart centred healer and we were talking about the effect of our energies on the people around us. Someone can be in an amazing mood and then when they meet with us, if we’re not feeling great, it can totally shift their energies to meet ours. This can work both ways, as I mentioned with the waitress as well as with my cousin. When your energy is high you can uplift others, like he did with his beautiful compliment, and like I did by simply being inspiring.

Being conscious of where you are energetically can make a huge difference in yours/others day. I sometimes wake up feeling ‘blue’ and I’m now committing to a new personal challenge to begin my day with my new heart centred meditation which will help me to get out of my head and connect with may heart, where source lies.

To access this FREE 5 minute Hell Yeah! I’m connected meditation, just click here.

inner/outer synchronicity

I had an amazing experience this week that made me realize how much the universe is working in my favour to align me with absolutely perfect people. This is the back story.

I have been offering ‘discovery’, or rather ‘clarity’ sessions to a select group of women with whom I felt called to work. It is an amazing group of women, and a few special men, and they all have their own ‘woo woo’ powers. During one of these sessions I ended up receiving more than I actually gave lol! I was given specific advice and recommendations to take a course called ‘The Heart of Money’ by Mark Silver. So, being the diligent woman that I am, I went to the website and signed up for the course.

There’s a LOT to do before the course begins (3.5 hrs min.) and one of the recommendations is that you partner with another student in the course to help you week to week with support. After you fill out the forms with your information, they will connect you with someone. It is broken down into time zones as there are people from all over the world participating in the course. Thus, I was partnered with a woman from California, which I thought was weird since I’m in Quebec ( 3 hours ahead) and I noticed that there were other students participating from Montreal. None the less I connected with my partner, trusting that I would be coupled with the perfect person. I connected with Emily this week, and when I checked out her website while I was chatting with her, my jaw nearly dropped. A) She’s spiritual (most people in the course are, I imagine as it is a Sufi’s approach to money) B) She’s an artist (like I am) C) She does personal organizing ( I’m an interiors architect by training, in case you didn’t know) and D) she is creating a course called ‘inside/outside’ which is about connecting spirituality and design! Hello!!! that’s what I do! What are the chances of this connection? A million to one? We both are developing programs to help people ( mostly women) clear their emotional clutter, raise their vibrations, and create a new physical reality, whether that be a new space that resonates with their new high vibe or a new wardrobe/hairstyle etc. It is designed to help you reclaim your power and shine in your brilliance.

The fact that we are both doing incredibly similar work is not completely surprising, although I had previously not met or heard of anyone doing this work. It is that the universe paired us up to meet via this course! All because my friend Wendy suggested it to me. All this is to say that the universe most definitely has a your back at ALL times!! You are being guided, gently nudged and in some cases specifically told where to go. All we really need to do, quite simply, is to slow down and to listen to our inner/outer guidance. Once again it comes back to TRUST, and this I know is a huge challenge for some of us, but trusting the guidance will lead us to our riches!

One last quick story about trust. Last fall, I felt the nudge to apply for a course and I truly had no clue how much it cost. I felt guided to fill out an application and I did. Long story short, I won a spot in that course! I still have no clue what the ‘price’ of the course was, but I do know that it was invaluable to me. So, if you get one thing out of this message, it is to open your heart and listen to its guidance.
courageously yours,

Resistance: What’s holding you back?

Are you familiar with the saying Everything that you resist persists? or the other saying everything that you ever dreamed of lies on the other side of fear?

We start the year, January, with lofty goals, the hopes of starting fresh and then whammo we hit the resistance wall. Maybe we’re ‘good’ for the first few months, but then the momentum slips and our enthusiasm wanes and we’re back to where we started.

What if, it didn’t have to be this way? What if you could be motivated daily to live your dreams and pursue your goals, maybe even knock them the hell out of the park! Can I hear a ‘Hell Yeah!’? Yes! that’s the spirit!

Choosing goals and creating visions is great and it’s even greater when they come from that place inside that FEELS them!! Exactly! FEELING is everything! it’s our vibration that creates our reality and when we’re aligned with our goals and visions we can achieve them. Also, having a deep and abiding ‘WHY” will help you stay your course and keep on the straight and narrow. Knowing your ‘why’ is the key to your goals and it’s what guides you to making aligned decisions that will help you arrive at your destination.

For example, last year I took off 25 lbs in a period of 8 months. Pretty awesome, right? I was initially motivated by my knees and I wanted to help elevate the pressure on them. That’s a deep motivation. It’s not simply based on vanity but rather my health in general. Part way through the 8 months I met and fell in love with a wonderful, super healthy, thin man. I became even more deeply motivated, or so I thought, to release a lot of excess weight in order to be ‘thin’ like him.

In case you didn’t already know, that didn’t end so well. I was heart broken and emotionally devastated for months. As you can guess, the gym routine fell by the wayside as did the healthy eating. It was pretty much an ugly, pity party for almost four moths. I know… total self indulgence right? To be kind to myself, in truth this was the first time I’d ever experienced devastation of this magnitude. I mean, he proposed marriage after two months! And as my friend Sophia would say, ‘girl, he was feeding you the crack candy big time!’ ( crack candy being pumped up love bombs and constant flattery)

So…. The point is, I fell off the band wagon BIG TIME! I put back on ten pounds and felt heavy and unloveable. My ‘WHY’ changed from concern about my health to concern about how I looked next to my skinny boyfriend ( shallow at it’s best).

Fast forward to today… I’m reconnecting with my ‘big why’ again as we speak, to feel healthy and light for the sake of my knees and my health overall. I want to LIVE!! not just survive. I want to thrive and this is the only body I have. Yes, I’ve felt resistance, AND I’m moving through it. I’m joining a new gym this week; one which has spinning classes ( which I love!) as well as yoga with meditation ( I love that too!) and inexpensive parking which is key.

One of my energetic words that I discovered through a sacred branding session is ‘HELL YEAH!’ and in essence that’s how I want to feel every time I work out at the gym! Hell Yeah! I did that spinning class! Hell Yeah! I rocked the yoga class! Hell Yeah! I’m getting up and out of the house to LOVE my body. THAT FEELS AMAZING!!

So,  now that you’re all pumped up, Are you ready to state your goal and your ‘Big Why?’ Remember that the deeper you did for your why the stronger the results that you’ll get.

Here’s a fabulous talk by Simon Sinek about why ‘why’ is essential.

P.S. I fell in love again shortly after the grieving period… with myself!!

courageously yours,

Fresh Start

Are you ready for a fresh start?

The beginning of anything, but especially a new year, is an opportunity to take time to pause and reflect. It is also a time to begin anew, start again and clear the slate, so to speak.

Last year was filled with lots of emotion for me, as well as great learning. I immersed myself in two masterminds, took several incredible courses and hired a business coach for the first time. As I focussed on self care and growth, I let some things fall by the wayside… like my blog and weekly newsletter.  Now that 2016 is underway, I’ve committed to going forward and to make sharing my viewpoint a priority.

You never know how someone you meet may touch you or influence you in one way or another, but if you don’t take the opportunity to put yourself ‘out there’ you are inadvertently missing out on a connection that could have altered someone else’s life.

Starting fresh gives you the opportunity to take a new approach to life… it is like getting a second chance to wipe the slate clean.

I saw a video this morning that touched my life. It demonstrated a really powerful technique to approaching the new year, and I’d like to share it with you.

In essence, we have three things with which we fill our time.
A. Sand – the little stuff… like spending hours on Facebook or Instagram.
B. Pebbles – the medium stuff… like going through our endless emails.
C. Rocks – the big stuff, like a night out with our girlfriends or writing our blogs or creating our new course.

When you fill the jar of life (your time) with all of the small things ( the sand) the jar gets filled quite quickly, and even though there might be room for the medium things ( the emails/pebbles) it leaves you with little room for the big rocks, your main priorities, like going to the gym or writing your new book.

So, maybe you’ve heard this little anecdote before, like I had.  Now you can choose, since you have a clean slate, how am I going to fill the jar of my life? What am I going to prioritize this month/week/day? What are my big rocks for this year?

You can even use this technique daily and choose three big rocks to focus on every day. The small and medium stuff will follow quite naturally.

What are your three big rocks for this year? for this month? for today? Go ahead and share in the comments bellow. I’m eager to hear!

Courageously yours,


5 Quick Tips to De-Clutter your Life!

I watched a quick video this morning that inspired me to write this post. It talked about living ‘clean’ and the importance of letting go. To tell the truth I’m a purging junkie and I love letting go on a physical and emotional level throughout the year. The premise of the work that I do is about connecting your inside with your outside. Essentially your physical environment is a direct reflection of your inner environment. The more work you can do on ‘forgiveness’ and healing the past the healthier you are. Your space can become a direct reflection of this. So essentially the more uncluttered the space you live in the more health you are creating and visa versa.

Tip number one: Value what you have.
I’ve talked about this before with respect to loving everything that you own, and as well, it is important to appreciate whether something may have value in terms of its functionality or simply because it’s beautiful and it makes us feel good. Feeling good is the name of the game. Esther Hicks who channels Abraham has been quoted as saying ”

“When you focus on owning only things that you love and value every day, you are able to constantly let go of the things that no longer fit in with the life that you are living. When you are able to release emotional issues as well as the physical ‘things’, you consistently live a ‘light’ life and allow light to flow into your life. When you physically and emotionally hold onto ‘old stuff’, you can potentially be creating illness, which is the result of holding on to unresolved energy.”

Tip Number Two: Editing… it’s not just for writers 🙂
Editing is a critical task which must truthfully needs to take place on a regular basis. Even at the point of purchase you can ask yourself “Do I really need this right now? Is it going to help me in a valuable way? Do I absolutely LOVE it? or Will it bring me JOY regularly?” Surrounded yourself only with things that you need on a regular basis. Trust that what you need will show up when you need it.

Tip Number Three: Let Go of the Past
This is a big issue here. We tend to hold onto things thinking that ‘ I will need this someday’, Then it begins to take space in our home/life. Simply by allowing someone else the opportunity to use that item, you may be filling a need, so you can sell it or give it away. In so doing you are giving a gift by allowing that person to make use of that object when they need it. I love shopping at and giving things to thrift stores. I love the amazing ‘gifts’ that I find and I know that similarly others are enjoying the things that I have given away.

I have a vision board on my bedroom door that inspires me daily. Recently brought to my attention is the importance of embracing the present, knowing what I want to create in the future and letting go of the past. I had a picture of myself and my parents at my wedding ( I am now single and hoping to attract a new romantic partner into my life), next to a photo of my ideal couple. When a friend of mine saw this, she mentioned that I couldn’t attract the new relationship if I was still focusing on the past. ‘Interesting’, I thought. I was totally unaware of the implication. So, needless to say today I will edit my vision board, ever conscious of the fact that I want to stay focused on only items that bring me joy and inspire me daily.

Tip number Four: Like goes with Like
It sounds obvious, and sometimes the most obvious things are the most helpful. Remember to put all of your things that are alike together. Creating a specific place for all of your items helps you to locate them especially when you need them or think that you may have lost them. It can be more challenging when space is an issue, but this gives you even more of reason to pare down and become a minimalist. Recently, I decided to purchase a file sorter for my desk as I am surrounded by dozens of papers on a daily basis. Simply by having all of my files with different coloured project folders all organized in one space helps me to find what I need in an instant, saving me a great deal of time.

Tip Number Five: Double Down
No this is not poker and yet this is a high stakes tip. It’s time to take note of all of the items of which you have doubles and possibly even triples! I know that all of us are guilty of this one. We purchase new items to replace the old/broken ones and simply forget/neglect to give away/sell the old ones. Guess what? It’s time to set them free! Free yourself of space and possibly even add some cash to your wallet selling the old unwanted items.

So remember when you are going on your next shopping trip or even clearing out the clutter in your home:

1. Do I LOVE or VALUE this item?
2. Do I really NEED this item right now?
3. Can I let go of this item today?
4. Where does this go? Like goes with Like
and lastly,
5. Keep it Simple- Singles Only!

Have these 5 Quick Tips been of use to you today? Which one resonates with you the most?
What tips do you have that you want to share? Sharing is a great way to connect! I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section below.

Much Love,

The 5 Lessons I Learned at Kripalu ( Yoga Retreat)

Last summer I had the great fortune to travel to the Berkshires in Massachusetts, to the famous yoga retreat, Kripalu. Inspired to take this trip by one of my longtime friends, I had no idea that it would be such a true experience of JOY!

The beginning of my ‘Unmasking the Soul’ workshop started at 7 p.m. on the Thursday night. When we arrived, upon entering the room, we were asked to be seated in a circle whereupon our teacher, Linda Novick, led us in a short guided meditation to help us set our intentions for the workshop. We were instructed to create a collage depicting our intentions and then mount them on the bulletin board at the front of the room. After completing my collage and seeing it hanging next to my fellow artists’ work, feelings of inadequacy, self-judgement, and competitiveness surfaced.

Lesson One: Inner Acceptance and Non-Judgement

It took until morning for me to arrive at the decision to focus on self-acceptance for the entire weekend. I knew that choosing to be kind and compassionate would help me to produce the art that I truly desired. Creating a weekend of non-judgement and acceptance, especially with myself, would no doubt lead to inner peace.

Lesson Two: Dive In- to get the FULL Experience!

One could easily wander about in a relaxed manner, checking out whatever one wished at random ( which is exactly what we did on our first day at Kripalu), and one could even spend one’s entire stay doing just this. However, we had a slightly different agenda. Not knowing when we would return, we wanted to embody the FULL experience! This meant awaking at 6:00 a.m. to get to the early morning yoga and non-stop activities, which filled our day till 9:00 p.m. each night.

I decided to throw myself ‘in’ fully and experience all that Kripalu had to offer and I must say that it was incredible! My favourite ‘all-in’ experience was the ‘Noon Dance’ where I moved my body in ways it didn’t know were possible and as a result ended up in a full body sweat. Even my hair was drenched! My new moto “Go all-in or go home”!

Lesson Three: The ‘Sure Principle- Stay Open + Positive

One thing that’s for ‘Sure’ is that I used that word at all times and whenever possible. I think that my decision to stay open and positive helped me to create one of the my most memorable vacations ever.

Why not try things out that you’ve never done before? Like they say- “everything in life that you want is attained when you step out of your comfort zone”. Absolutely!

Lesson Four: The Rekindling of Old Friendships can be Amazing

We’ve known each other since we were innocent six year olds at summer camp and have remained good friends since then. When she mentioned this trip, I knew it would be a great opportunity to connect and share a once in a lifetime experience, and all I can say is that’s exactly what it was.

We had tons of together time, sharing fun stories, and creating new memories, and we also managed to have our ‘alone’ time too, pursuing our own interests and building new friendships. I can definitely say that I will be forever grateful for having shared this trip with her.

Lesson Five: Yoga and a Glass of Wine- the Perfect Balance

What can I say? We were up at 6:00 a.m. to take our respective yoga classes and then another one at noon ( Yoga dance, which I previously mentioned was by far my favourite movement experience!), and finally after a long, exciting, adventure filled day, before dinner, we would drink a glass of wine together, in our room. During this time we would share our stories from the day including our day’s activities.

Taking time to relax and share was a wonderful way to wind down for the day and enjoy each other’s company.

In the end, all I can express is gratitude for an incredible journey and a once in a lifetime experience.