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Resistance: What’s holding you back?

Are you familiar with the saying Everything that you resist persists? or the other saying everything that you ever dreamed of lies on the other side of fear?

We start the year, January, with lofty goals, the hopes of starting fresh and then whammo we hit the resistance wall. Maybe we’re ‘good’ for the first few months, but then the momentum slips and our enthusiasm wanes and we’re back to where we started.

What if, it didn’t have to be this way? What if you could be motivated daily to live your dreams and pursue your goals, maybe even knock them the hell out of the park! Can I hear a ‘Hell Yeah!’? Yes! that’s the spirit!

Choosing goals and creating visions is great and it’s even greater when they come from that place inside that FEELS them!! Exactly! FEELING is everything! it’s our vibration that creates our reality and when we’re aligned with our goals and visions we can achieve them. Also, having a deep and abiding ‘WHY” will help you stay your course and keep on the straight and narrow. Knowing your ‘why’ is the key to your goals and it’s what guides you to making aligned decisions that will help you arrive at your destination.

For example, last year I took off 25 lbs in a period of 8 months. Pretty awesome, right? I was initially motivated by my knees and I wanted to help elevate the pressure on them. That’s a deep motivation. It’s not simply based on vanity but rather my health in general. Part way through the 8 months I met and fell in love with a wonderful, super healthy, thin man. I became even more deeply motivated, or so I thought, to release a lot of excess weight in order to be ‘thin’ like him.

In case you didn’t already know, that didn’t end so well. I was heart broken and emotionally devastated for months. As you can guess, the gym routine fell by the wayside as did the healthy eating. It was pretty much an ugly, pity party for almost four moths. I know… total self indulgence right? To be kind to myself, in truth this was the first time I’d ever experienced devastation of this magnitude. I mean, he proposed marriage after two months! And as my friend Sophia would say, ‘girl, he was feeding you the crack candy big time!’ ( crack candy being pumped up love bombs and constant flattery)

So…. The point is, I fell off the band wagon BIG TIME! I put back on ten pounds and felt heavy and unloveable. My ‘WHY’ changed from concern about my health to concern about how I looked next to my skinny boyfriend ( shallow at it’s best).

Fast forward to today… I’m reconnecting with my ‘big why’ again as we speak, to feel healthy and light for the sake of my knees and my health overall. I want to LIVE!! not just survive. I want to thrive and this is the only body I have. Yes, I’ve felt resistance, AND I’m moving through it. I’m joining a new gym this week; one which has spinning classes ( which I love!) as well as yoga with meditation ( I love that too!) and inexpensive parking which is key.

One of my energetic words that I discovered through a sacred branding session is ‘HELL YEAH!’ and in essence that’s how I want to feel every time I work out at the gym! Hell Yeah! I did that spinning class! Hell Yeah! I rocked the yoga class! Hell Yeah! I’m getting up and out of the house to LOVE my body. THAT FEELS AMAZING!!

So,  now that you’re all pumped up, Are you ready to state your goal and your ‘Big Why?’ Remember that the deeper you did for your why the stronger the results that you’ll get.

Here’s a fabulous talk by Simon Sinek about why ‘why’ is essential.

P.S. I fell in love again shortly after the grieving period… with myself!!

courageously yours,

Fresh Start

Are you ready for a fresh start?

The beginning of anything, but especially a new year, is an opportunity to take time to pause and reflect. It is also a time to begin anew, start again and clear the slate, so to speak.

Last year was filled with lots of emotion for me, as well as great learning. I immersed myself in two masterminds, took several incredible courses and hired a business coach for the first time. As I focussed on self care and growth, I let some things fall by the wayside… like my blog and weekly newsletter.  Now that 2016 is underway, I’ve committed to going forward and to make sharing my viewpoint a priority.

You never know how someone you meet may touch you or influence you in one way or another, but if you don’t take the opportunity to put yourself ‘out there’ you are inadvertently missing out on a connection that could have altered someone else’s life.

Starting fresh gives you the opportunity to take a new approach to life… it is like getting a second chance to wipe the slate clean.

I saw a video this morning that touched my life. It demonstrated a really powerful technique to approaching the new year, and I’d like to share it with you.

In essence, we have three things with which we fill our time.
A. Sand – the little stuff… like spending hours on Facebook or Instagram.
B. Pebbles – the medium stuff… like going through our endless emails.
C. Rocks – the big stuff, like a night out with our girlfriends or writing our blogs or creating our new course.

When you fill the jar of life (your time) with all of the small things ( the sand) the jar gets filled quite quickly, and even though there might be room for the medium things ( the emails/pebbles) it leaves you with little room for the big rocks, your main priorities, like going to the gym or writing your new book.

So, maybe you’ve heard this little anecdote before, like I had.  Now you can choose, since you have a clean slate, how am I going to fill the jar of my life? What am I going to prioritize this month/week/day? What are my big rocks for this year?

You can even use this technique daily and choose three big rocks to focus on every day. The small and medium stuff will follow quite naturally.

What are your three big rocks for this year? for this month? for today? Go ahead and share in the comments bellow. I’m eager to hear!

Courageously yours,