I consider myself a successful business owner. I run three different levels of filled programs at all times. I love the clients I work with and the work I get to do in the world. So, to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my Energetic Business Blueprint Session with Cheryl. I felt like I had a clear sense of the blueprint of my business. 
Boy was I surprised. In the incredibly soul-nourishing 90-minute session, Cheryl guided me into a conversation with my business, my business mentor, and my five-year-into-the-future self. I was able to see the pieces of my business that were working and the pieces that needed a little TLC. And I came out of the session more energized than I’d been in months. Immediately — within an hour after the session — I re-launched a program I had put to sleep for a year and a half. And I understood how my entire business flowed together and how to support it even more to take me to the next level. 
Cheryl’s work is deceptively powerful. It sounds like a nice, light meditation. But what you actually get is so much more. With subtle energy work and powerful visualizations, Cheryl helps you see and feel the entire blueprint of your business — not just what it is today, but what it can ultimately become. The Energetic Business Blueprint Session is for soulful entrepreneurs who are ready to play big. 
 Mike Iamele, Author, Coach, Mentor for Spiritual Entrepreneurs  http://www.mikeiamele.com

Let me say, Cheryl Rozovsky’s Energetic Business Blueprint Sessions are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I can not gush about this life and biz changing session enough! It is super powerful, she does a fantastic job of creating a safe and inviting space where you meet your heart’s desire… AND THEN she helps you to put the plan in motion to get you stepping forward with the right foot, blueprint in hand! What’s better than this?!??!?! All in 90 minutes, years of soul searching, dreaming, visioning, cut through to get to the heart of the mission with Cheryl as your loving guide and witness. The price is a STEAL for the clarity, and realignment that I have found to be a complete game changer in my business and life plans. Seriously, after this one 90 minute conversation my trajectory is changing, what I thought I wanted is no longer on the radar and I’ve upgraded everything for this new gorgeous vision of myself and my mission in this life. It was like a very honest mirror was held up before my eyes and I got a clear look at myself and what I’ve been doing… and where it is that I’m actually going… and for me, those two were not really supporting each other 😉Thanks to Cheryl, I’m ready to blast off!!!! I can not recommend this highly enough. IT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING. <3    Tory Marsh    torymarsh.com


I was able to dropinto a beautiful meditation with Cheryl and access guidance that was PERFECT and exactly what I needed to receive. Cheryl’s voice, guidance and gently intuitive approach allowed me to relax and just allow for the wisdom to come through. I received the exact piece of the puzzle I needed that day. I’m so glad I followed my intuition and said YES.
Elena Lipson  Your divine self care mentor  http://www.elenalipson.com

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Cheryl’s session, and I was really tired going into it. But, I received the guidance that it would be
perfect for me, and it was! I was able to go very deeply into a future vision of myself that brought me to tears with the beauty and power of it. I was able to let go of any hesitation I had about “thinking too big”; and I was able to tap into my desired future in an extraordinarily visceral way. Cheryl is an exquisite space holder; the process is profound and I will be tapping into the vision regularly. So much gratitude! Lisa Wolfe http://www.lisacwolfe.com/

“Working with Cheryl in this way was so inspiring and deeply healing.  As a very spirit driven person, my mechanical brain can often get in the way of me accessing my truest self and brilliance and she gently guided me RIGHT THERE.  The information and clarity I received wasn’t an ABC to XYZ business model, but it was an affirmation and clear message of what my heart already knows.  It’s one thing to want to be yourself and do what fills you with joy, but it’s another to WITNESS it in action and understand fully WHY it is the only way to go. It takes courage to be yourself and her session affirmed for me how powerful and life changing it can be to simply tell my story and let that be enough.  I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who is out there struggling to turn their own “mess” into a fully embodied business model”.  Katie Kozlowski


“In the process of building a new business, there are a lot of unknowns. Before my session with Cheryl, the pathway felt amorphous and ungrounded. Now, I feel anchored and solid. Before, the idea felt like it was outside of myself. Now, it has become rooted in my very being.” Justine Pattatyus


Working with Cheryl and her blueprint has taken me from a place of being on my way to getting what I want out of my business to one of knowing how to get there. Everything has become even more clear since my session with Cheryl. It has helped me be even more aligned with who I am and who I am as a business it reinforces the heart centeredness of what I am already creating. It help helped me leap into the unknown and have a certainty that the unknown is no longer all that unknown.    Beth K. Bedury – My Queen of Wands


Cheryl’s mediation can only be described as amazing!  I was out of alignment with myself before the meditation, and couldn’t feel much hope that meditating would make much of a difference. I didn’t expect that and it was so fun!  Something so simple and innocent made it easy to let go and enjoy it. The imagery she provides makes it easy to achieve the feeling of letting go and then profoundly experiencing myself as I wanted to be and wanted to feel. I love how fun it felt and the creativity made it exciting. I love the freedom I had during the meditation. I love the way I felt afterwards, connected to my true self and feeling excited about me.     Danna Vincent


I felt as though I had been transported to another place, one of warmth and love.  Within a few minutes I didn’t want to leave! The session left me wanting more, to explore my inner self and thoughts on a much deeper level. I would definitely continue working with Cheryl to continue deep transformation through her guided journey work. I hope to gain the ability to go to that place of unconditional love and warmth on a regular basis to allow me to work and live true to my highest self.    Adrienne Sholzberg


I have had the pleasure of working twice with Cheryl so far and I will definitely be back for more!  Cheryl’s work goes far beyond helping you create your dream space, it touches on all aspects of life. During the whole process I felt completely safe and wonderfully guided by Cheryl. Since I have worked with her I really feel the difference. I can also feel how much I have let go off, especially during the second session. I feel a lot lighter. I highly recommend Cheryl, she is an incredible energy worker, deeply compassionate and intuitive. She provides a sacred space for you to work in at your own pace.   Ruth Flanagan