The Energetic Business Blueprint Session

Q. Are you looking for connection, clarity and confidence in your business?
Q. Are you ready to feel revived and rejuvinated and eager to take action?
Q. Are you excited to have clearly defined goals so you can know exactly how to focus your time?

This is a DEEP DIVE into your business container and the energy flowing through it. I will hold space and facilitate your journey as you dive into the future of your business and all of your success!
90 minute session with follow up

Dive in with me… the water is warm Hell Yeah!

I consider myself a successful business owner. I run three different levels of filled programs at all times. I love the clients I work with and the work I get to do in the world. So, to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my Energetic Business Blueprint Session with Cheryl. I felt like I had a clear sense of the blueprint of my business. 
Boy was I surprised. In the incredibly soul-nourishing 90-minute session, Cheryl guided me into a conversation with my business, my business mentor, and my five-year-into-the-future self. I was able to see the pieces of my business that were working and the pieces that needed a little TLC. And I came out of the session more energized than I’d been in months. Immediately — within an hour after the session — I re-launched a program I had put to sleep for a year and a half. And I understood how my entire business flowed together and how to support it even more to take me to the next level. 
Cheryl’s work is deceptively powerful. It sounds like a nice, light meditation. But what you actually get is so much more. With subtle energy work and powerful visualizations, Cheryl helps you see and feel the entire blueprint of your business — not just what it is today, but what it can ultimately become. The Energetic Business Blueprint Session is for soulful entrepreneurs who are ready to play big.
                                                                                                 Mike Iamele


In the process of building a new business, there are a lot of unknowns. Before my session with Cheryl, the pathway felt amorphous and ungrounded. Now, I feel anchored and solid. Before, the idea felt like it was outside of myself. Now, it has become rooted in my very being.

Justine Pattantyus

Soulful Self Love Sunday Special

Are you curious….
to learn more about how you can love yourself more fully?

Join me for a 60 minute intensive session where we will dive into your current self love practices and define your goals and intentions for your self love journey. We’ll work together to create a plan that is custom tailored to suit your needs.Are you ready to take the plunge?

YES!! Count me in!


The session left me wanting more, to explore my inner self and thoughts on a much deeper level. I would definitely continue working with Cheryl to continue deep transformation through her guided journey work. I hope to gain the ability to go to that place of unconditional love and warmth on a regular basis to allow me to work and live true to my highest self.
Adrienne Sholzberg –  Self Love Coach and Life Adventurer